Saturday, April 14, 2012

Poems From The heart

I would first like to thank my wonderful beautiful Daughter for helping me set up my very own "blogspot" girl you know I'm not able (smile) I love you Starla D. forever and some days!!!  So o.k. I'm new to this but I really want to share some of my poems that were birthed from the center of my heart. Some in the middle of the night some just in a moment of spirituality. So......I'll be back. In the meantime love somebody hard because every person that God created has that need to be loved in them whether they know it or not. I figure if we tell someone we love them then they are without excuse to pass it on to another of God's children and on  and on it goes making this world a sweeter place to be for however long we are here. This really is "boot camp" for soldiers of the cross as we are headed to Heaven. Hmmm good huh? Peace to all who desire it and to those who don't try to keep the drama to a bare minimum as you have only been given a certain amount of time to make a difference in my life and yours. Let's do this right in Jesus' name. HzDzine